Douglas McCarron 2010 | President United Brotherhood of Carpenters

Raiding Unions Since 1988

A Proud History

Since adopting a "go it alone" policy, the United Brotherhood of Carpenters has lost the respect of their members and their brothers and sisters in the Building Trades.

Because the Carpenters have been unable to grow their own membership by organizing unaffiliated workers who need the help and support of the labor movement to fight for safe worksites and decent wages and benefits, they have actively chosen to try and raid other unions. When those workers refuse to join the Carpenters often because the pro-contractor policies of the Carpenters results in lower wages and benefits they do what union busting corporations do and bring in the lawyers to get the NLRB to do their dirty work.

The United Brotherhood of Carpenters has a proud history of standing up for workers and standing in solidarity with other unions. PJ McGuire, who founded the Carpenters over 100 years ago, was also one of the founders of the AFL. In 1921, the Carpenters led the fight against unjust efforts to the slash the wages of craft workers. In 1950, the New York District Council of Carpenters negotiated a three percent payroll tax to support a Carpenters Welfare Fund.

Unfortunately, the current leadership is throwing out that proud history raiding other unions instead of organizing new workers and promising lower wages to contractors in return for recognition.

The UBC Needs to Build a New Platform
that includes:

1. UBC should stop raiding the already organized.

On Oct. 2, 2006, the Raymond Group (a contractor) invited its drywall finisher employees to a breakfast at the company offices in Orange, CA, they said, but then locked them in the building for "several hours." What ensued, they said, was a company presentation--with participation by Carpenter officials--urging the drywall finishers not to ratify a contract offer from the Painters and accept representation offered by the Carpenters.

2. UBC should respect the jurisdiction of other crafts.

McCarron has consistently violated the Building Trades jurisdictions and clearly stated on July 20, 2009 that the "Green Book" is outdated and should be replaced with a system that allows owners and contractors to assign work and resolve jurisdictional disputes taking the decision-making out of union hands.

3. UBC should use resources to organize the un-organized rather than the members of other unions.

In 2010, the Carpenters chartered a local in St. Louis, Missouri - not to take advantage of new and additional work in their own crafts, but to steal work from existing electrical workers in the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. Although they promised more work and better pay to the workers, the UBC was actually offering contractors labor at sub-standard wages and benefits. The IBEW and fellow building trades united in protest and continue to warn everyone - Beware of Carpenters Bearing Wires!